About Us

Who we are?
Everything you Need to Know About Us | Halal 4 All

HALAL 4 ALL by Al Rehma Halal Meat & Supermarket is a small business startup by its two co-founders located in The Regal Center on Leesburg Pike in Sterling, Virgina. We are a modern meat store bringing a wide variety of All Natural, Antibiotic Free and Hand Slaughtered (Zabiha) Meat Cuts. Fresh, premium quality Beef, Lamb, Goat and Chicken alongwith ready to cook and marinated meat products. An International Supermarket offering groceries and aromatic spices from South Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa and much more. We tirelessly work with our trusted vendors to ethically source the Freshest and Finest quality products, the vendors close to our store who share our values and commitment to highest standards. At HALAL 4 ALL We take pride in promoting the Healthier Lifestyle and Eating Fresh.

We also believe that Zabiha Halal Meat is healthier, tender and more flavorful and not only Muslims but everyone should have the access to humanely raised, healthy and fresh products that are 100% Halal Certified. We might not be the oldest and largest halal meat and ethnic grocery store in the DMV area but we pride ourselves in the quality of the premium halal products you enjoy. Our passion for excellence and thrive for constant improvement remains endless. Our dedication to satisfying our customers and gratitude for their loyalty has driven us to maintain the enthusiasm in all that we do.

Our Mission?

At HALAL 4 ALL our commitment to our Community is simple: “Quality & Price'' and the “Customer First” philosophy. We strive to offer the best quality at the most competitive prices in a hygienic, fully stocked & conveniently located store. We are at your service 24/7/365 in-store and online offering reliable service and top tier customer care. We pledge to provide you and your family with the antibiotic free Zabiha Premium Meats, groceries and all natural produce. At HALAL 4 ALL we have something for every family and are always actively working to expand our current product selection in-store and improve our website.

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    100% Zabihah Halal

    All our cattle are hand Processed halal and meet strict standards and requirements for quality and transparency.

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    Always Fresh

    All Natural Fruits and Vegetables sourced from our local farmer

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    Sourced Locally

    We are a family owned small business and love to support our local meat vendors and farmers while maintaining the top quality.

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    Delicious Recipes

    We have all the ingredients you need to complete that recipe that you always wanted to make.